Co-Parenting Sessions

These are sessions where both the mother and the father focus on developing effective strategies with one another and their children in order to cohesively parent and transition through their separation.

Necessary skills and topics are customized for each family. Sessions encompass, but are not limited to: joint decision-making, effective communication skills for co-parenting communication, and relationship building between parent-to-parent, parent-to-children, and in many cases can involve significant others.

Home Visits

Home visits can be conducted before, during, and/or after a separation. In visiting the home, it offers an opportunity to evaluate parenting and/or risks that may be of concern to the Court or parent(s).

Through home visit observations, I thoroughly examine the safety of residencies as well as parenting behavior and parent-to-child interaction and relationship. If applicable, reports can be furnished to Court.

Divorce Mediation

The goal of divorce mediation is to efficiently cost-effectively arrange an agreement between separating parents regarding issues such as custody, parenting access, finances, and other aspects of their divorce.

The focus of divorce medication is to address issues and create an amicable relationship between the parents. The objective is to help them move forward in their legal agreement. And have the ability to put together a tailored custody arrangement for the best interest of all family members. The mediation sessions provide parents with communication tools and healthy engagement practices for the future.

By providing services outside of the court, I lay the foreground for couples to have an opportunity to express their concerns and develop skills to work together and/or co-parent.

Transition of Parenting Time

This includes assisting family members such as: parents, stepparents, significant others, grandparents, etc., who are transitioning into the children’s lives. This service furnishes the family with an opportunity to establish or improve familial relations and their role and behavior with the children.

I provide support for better acclimation to changes such as parenting time, residency and custody changes, and introducing and/or fostering relations with new or existing family members.

This may also call a need to oversee supervised visitation to examine if and how parents/family members are incorporating tools and guidance for better child-adult behavior and relations as provided in sessions. Reports would be furnished to the Court if applicable.

Parenting Coordination

This dispute resolution service provides an opportunity for conflicting parents to create a plan for after the separation. I work with the parents to help communicate needs, expectations, and requirements in regards to their children. These sessions will work to define logistics and scheduling post-separation that may include: parenting time, holidays, school activities, and other needs of the children.

Family Observation & Evaluation

Custody Evaluation involves the assessment of parenting skills, parties’ mental capacity, and the assessment of risk.  Evaluation is conducted in sessions between parent-and-parent and parent and child.

I can provide the Court with a raw depiction of the parent-to-parent and/or parent-to-child behaviors that is intended to help the court in making necessary custodial decisions, parenting schedules, and other legal decisions in the future.

Many cases do not need a full forensic psychological evaluation, yet the need for many evaluations include: family history and dynamics, emotional and mental health of members, family interactions, parenting skills and behavior, and well being of involved children.

The assessment process can also include observations at each parent’s residence. The possible need or desire of a home visit provides the opportunity for parents to be properly assessed in a real-life setting outside of the courtroom of an office.


*Telephone sessions and a Spanish translator available upon request

Family, Parenting, and Divorce Services

Descriptions of Services

  • Co-Parenting Sessions
  • Home Visits
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Transition of Parenting Time
  •  Parenting Coordination
  • Family Observation & Evaluation

Family, Parenting and Divorce Services

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